Donald Trump’s hot circle of garbage


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Have you ever in your life seen a floating island? These creations are often breathtaking. They’re often considered helpful in growing plants and improving water quality. And some people even live on their own floating islands. They build them and make them sustainable. It sounds rather lovely to me. However, it can be a bit isolating. Islands in and of themselves are often isolating.

So not everyone wants to live on one. One person who DOES live on a metaphorical floating island (and seems VERY isolated) is Donald John Trump. Now his island is different from the beautiful water homes I’ve described. Donald Trump’s island is not made of plants or sustainable materials. Trump’s island is made of bullshit.

Trump’s island has become increasingly isolated. Many have reported that most friends had left him. But Trump still floats on his not-so-silent island of garbage. Trump’s raft is truth social. It is the only company he has.

And almost every day, the rants are getting increasingly incomprehensible. And early this weekend, Trump indulged Truth Social. Trump’s rant was so loony, I cannot quote from it. If one saw this rant and did not know who he was, I am sure many would think he was an escaped mental patient.

This rant was most unusual because it just went on and on and on. Usually, the man stops pretty quickly. Not this time. It wouldn’t end.

Much of Trump’s ire was directed toward the Jury Foreperson who spoke out. He also accused President Biden of doing illegal things and wagged the dog so hard it’s surprising he didn’t pull its tail off.

And this is why we can tell Trump’s so close to getting indicted. Trump’s floating island is metaphorical, but to Trump, it’s real. Until recently, he did, in his heart of hearts, likely think nothing would happen to him.

That’s because he’s gotten away with so much before. And he also had friends before and other things on his mind. Now, however, he’s on his private island, in his own private Idaho, and he’s become as unmoored as an out-of-control ship.



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