Donald Trump’s Hillary Clinton obsession has finally come back to bite him

Donald Trump has never gotten over the blow of losing to Hillary Clinton by three million votes, even after everyone from Russian hackers to the FBI Director steered things in his favor. Even though Trump got to take office anyway, he’s continued to publicly rant and rave about Clinton, and to make up increasingly absurd conspiracy theories about how he somehow got more popular votes than she did.

This ongoing obsession with Hillary has been unproductive, unhealthy, and unbecoming behavior on Donald Trump’s part – but far from being one of his biggest calamities. It’s felt like an idiotic sideshow, adding insult to the injury of Trump’s disastrous presidency. But now it turns out Trump really took the Hillary obsession too far, and it’s about to play a role in his impeachment.

The impeachment transcript was released today from State Department official George Kent. He testified that Donald Trump wanted the President of Ukraine to publicly announce that he was investigating “Biden and Clinton” in exchange for U.S. military funding. There’s an evil logic to Trump committing a crime in the name of targeting Biden, who is running against him in 2020. But now we know that Trump also committed a crime in the name of targeting Clinton.

We suspect that the Russians have pushed Donald Trump into targeting Hillary Clinton in this manner, in the hope of distracting the world from the fact that Russia rigged the 2016 U.S. election against Clinton. That’s logically evil, considering Putin is still trying to convince most of the world to drop sanctions against him. But Trump’s only possible reason for going along with it is that he’s obsessed with having gotten millions fewer votes than Clinton did. Now that obsession is finally coming back to bite him.

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