Donald Trump’s henchmen are dropping like flies

Despite a clear result in November’s presidential election, many Trump supporters resorted to launching a futile terror attack on their own country to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. Following a failed insurrection and without a legitimate predecessor present to pass the proverbial baton, President Biden’s inauguration played out like a seasoned aviator grabbing the throttle of a pilotless plane. Biden’s steady leadership has already earned him a 61% approval rating, according to a new AP-NORC poll.

America’s manifold problems, created or exacerbated under the fascist and bungling Trump regime, are too complex to get magically resolved overnight. That said, we can sleep better knowing that a competent and a caring government is working creatively around the clock to improve the lives of all Americans. February is the first full month in which we are not forced to suffer a single day of a petulant man-child’s full-frontal assault on democracy and decency as his name and unflattering image get plastered over countless screens and chyrons.

As Trump’s cruel reign fades in the rearview mirror, America’s handling of lingering loopy behavior from Trump’s craziest henchmen is shifting. Liability fears, ratings concerns, and (hopefully) a desire to do the right thing are at play now as America pushes forward. Following social media’s swift crackdown on accounts that violate their terms of service, media networks are now moving quickly to distance themselves from the madness.

On Tuesday, disgraced MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell appeared on propaganda-friendly Newsmax to peddle his tired victim routine. However, when Lindell began shouting baseless, debunked accusations of voting machine improprieties, he was quickly shut down. Newsmax anchor Bob Sellers drowned out Lindell’s humiliating rant, putting the issue to bed with a stern disclaimer before walking off the set.

Yesterday, Rudy Giuliani was in for an even ruder awakening by his very own radio show. Just as Giuliani was going on air, WABC inserted a disclaimer to warn viewers that the sleazy, mascara-dripping Subsequent Moviefilm star is not quite the guy who Time magazine dubbed a “Tower of Strength” as its 2001 Person of the Year. WABC cautioned that the “views, assumptions and opinions” of Giuliani as well as his guests and callers “are strictly their own.”

A shocked and confused Giuliani opened his show by calling the disclaimer “rather insulting,” blasting WABC for not alerting him and wanting to “frighten everybody” as if it’s East Germany. As a lawyer and former mayor, Giuliani should understand how the First Amendment works, yet he further humiliated himself by inaccurately blasting this media company’s action as a “free speech thing” that has gone too far.


America’s four-year ride on the Trump-fueled crazy train ended last month following a long overdue derailment. As we now strive to clear debris and “build back better,” residual nutjobs like Lindell and Giuliani can’t expect their conspiratorial voices to carry us through the very mess they helped create. As America turns the page, we must also turn the channel.

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