Donald Trump’s goons are still trying to get us all killed

From ignoring the coronavirus pandemic, to spewing lies, to claiming the election was stolen, it seemed that Donald Trump was trying to create divides at the least and kill us at worst. Once we were rid of him, we hoped we were free of any nonsense associated with Trump, but that is unfortunately not the case. The lies about the 2020 election are still being spread by members of Congress, and one group of Trump lackies is determined to carry on the disinformation campaign he started. According to the Guardian, Trump’s band of idiots have now found yet another new way to harm the American people called the “health and freedom” tour.

This tour is headed up by Michael Flynn, the disgraced former general who was convicted of lying to the FBI twice. Flynn is joined in this endeavor by “doctors” (“quacks” might be a better description) and preachers who apparently follow bad men instead of God. These people are harming people with false claims. Covid numbers continue to rise, yet these fools are out there giving people erroneous information. One of the “doctors” involved in the tours is Simone Gold. Gold is a member of American’s Frontline Doctors, a group that supports the use of ivermectin as a Covid drug. Ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug that is typically used to combat illnesses such as malaria; however, people who are listening to these quacks are so desperate for the drug that they are buying the animal version. One feed store owner told Washington Examiner that he now requires people to show pictures of their horses before he will sell the drug to them.

Another doctor in this group is Stella Immanuel, who claims that America’s health problems are the result of alien DNA and demon sperm. Seriously. These people are certifiable, yet people are not only listening to them, but they are shelling out $250 for general admission and $500 for VIP tickets to this ridiculous tour. People have apparently lost all common sense and are following the advice of incompetent doctors simply because they are MAGA followers. The Guardian also reported that Simone Gold was arrested as part of the Capitol insurrection. How many reputable doctors would be involved in such nonsense, let alone try to dispute scientific findings relating to a highly contagious virus?

Clearly, a segment of the American population has completely lost its mind. Even as numbers continue to rise in Cobb County, Georgia, parents of special needs children prepare to file suit against the school board to require mask mandates while parents in Gwinnett County have filed a lawsuit to remove mask mandates, claiming their children cannot breathe. You can breathe just fine through masks, and children have no problem wearing them until their parents fill their heads with this craziness. There appears to be no clear way out of the mess that we are in. All we can do is continue to hope that some of these people come to their senses and that the grifters who are exacerbating the problem go to hell where they belong.

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