Donald Trump’s failed Michigan legislator stunt just got even uglier for him

Michigan’s Republican legislators are confirming that Trump gave them no reason to even consider giving him the state’s electoral votes during their meeting today. On top of that, they’re confirming that they used their meeting with Trump today to try to convince him to provide additional coronavirus relief to Michigan. In other words, they didn’t want to take the meeting with Trump, and they only did so because they were afraid to say “no” to meeting with the President, but they clearly never had any intention of giving Trump any credence over it.

To be clear, this whole thing was never going anywhere; legislators can’t reassign electoral votes, and even if they tried, the courts would overrule it. But now this meeting has turned out to be an even bigger disaster for Trump than we thought. He thought these Michigan Republicans were going to help him in some way, and instead they’re now trolling him over his failed coronavirus response. They still had no business taking the meeting, which was illegal.

– Donald Trump has posted several election propaganda tweets in a row. He still hasn’t addressed the fact that his son Donald Trump Jr. has coronavirus, or wished him well. This guy’s priorities are a mess. The crazy part is that Trump could score easy points with the public just by pretending to care about his son’s wellbeing, yet he still hasn’t done it. Trump’s psychopathy often doesn’t work in his favor.

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