Donald Trump’s failed endorsements finally come to a head

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You can’t make this up. Despite the media’s insistence that Donald Trump’s seal of approval is the only way to survive politically as a Republican, we’ve watched his candidates either sink like rocks or finish in a dead heat after primaries in Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Idaho, Georgia, and elsewhere. The endorsements are really only for his base that was always too small to be politically relevant – it was only a question of whether it would give a needed boost of recognition to a struggling candidate.

The problem, however, has gotten so bad that after the tie in Pennsylvania, Trump’s people have warned that the former guy is holding off on future endorsements in upcoming states – something that might even get worse after David Perdue loses in Georgia.

The problem is that not all the GOP got this memo, and regardless of what he does, Donald Trump isn’t able to put all the toothpaste back in the tube – nor is anyone else, really. His presidency and the inevitable right-wing lunacy that followed has produced a rash of truly awful candidates with demented policies, running in a number of pivotal elections for 2022.

One crucial race is for Governor of Michigan, where the once GOP frontrunner James Craig is currently accused of forging signatures on his petition to run for office but is a pretty large playing field full of candidates who all claim the 2020 presidential election was stolen – with some like Garrett Soldano calling for an election audit if elected.

They aren’t just paying lip service either – as this was a state where the electors mattered and they’re all awaiting an endorsement from the former guy that might give them the leverage they need over Craig. Meanwhile, we have a solid candidate in Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a popular governor who is facing a tough re-election battle and greatly needs our support in the form of donations or volunteering. Let’s do everything we can to win in Michigan and make Trump’s election denial a thing of the past.

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