Donald Trump’s enemies are advancing

No good comes from pretenders. It never has, and it never will. Pretend-Kings exist too. The one we are currently forced to deal with is pretend King assolini, who seems to really have convinced himself that the world gives a damn about him.

But if they did — why are his candidates doing so poorly? And why are his enemies doing so well? Lisa Murkowski, Senator of Alaska, is raising a lot of money. Big money. The type of money assolini does not WANT her to raise.

Liz Cheney is from beautiful Wyoming. She is smart. She is a lady assolini would just love to force out of Congress. She is raising LOTS of money. Big money. The type of money assolini would (and most likely has) turn even more orange over.

Sense a pattern here? The fact is these candidates are raising more money than Trump’s chosen ones, which are set to take them on in 2022. It is rather an amusing view. This clearly shows that the money, at least, is not on Trump’s side.


Of course, it is a long way to the mid-terms. But how Trump must be fuming now! How disappointed he must be. Let us relish this moment. And as 2022 moves closer, the midterms are shaping up to be very interesting indeed.

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