Donald Trump’s dystopia finally comes full circle


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I remember when I wrote an article for Palmer Report about Insurrectionist trump and domes. I described Trump’s desire to create domes and commented sarcastically that perhaps Trump would suggest domes around every home in America.

I could see Trump saying something like that because he’s an idiot. Yes, I could see Trump demanding domes around every country, every city, and every business. I say this because this IS after all the men who sweetly suggested we all self-clean with bleach. Trump is not exactly a visionary unless it has to do with insurrections, election denial, and other hateful things.

But the big bad dome story is nothing compared to what I am about to bring you. Hang on tight — it’s a doozy. “Freedom cities with flying cars!” Reportedly, Trump is scouring the internet looking for “designs” and will even perhaps run a contest for the best design for his new freedom cities.

I know, I know, readers — it’s hard to believe such insanity exists. You are not alone in your disbelief. “Vertical take-off and landing vehicles.” This magical new city with flying cars will also feature “baby bonuses.” That means that parents will be encouraged to procreate as much as possible — for a bonus.(Likely in dollars and cents.)

We will, in this non-existent city of doom, be cut off completely from China. We will, however have “hives of industry.” No word yet on whether we will all get those domes. Trump is reportedly set to compare his vision for a city that will never be, to Dwight Eisenhower’s desire to create an interstate highway system.

Flying cars whizzing on by. Procreating parents popping out babies to get their hands on the green reward (money.) I think he’s REALLY gone around the bend this time, folks. So what will be the name of this Trump city? What will this wild hallucination that will never come to pass be title?



That has not been reported yet. I say we call it individual dumb. Has a sort of nice ring to it. Perhaps you’d like to chime in and name this mysterious city of broken dreams and non-existent people that will never be built.


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