Donald Trump’s Cindy Yang scandal just got real

The connections between Donald Trump and Cindy Yang are as voluminous as they are unnerving. She hangs out at Mar-a-Lago and poses for pictures with Trump and his allies. Then she sells Chinese executives access to Trump. She founded a massage parlor chain that ended up being busted for human trafficking, in an operation that swept up Trump’s friend Robert Kraft. Yang is also suspected of working for Chinese intelligence. Something has to give – and it just did.

The leaders of the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees just formally asked the FBI to conduct a counterintelligence probe into Cindy Yang, according to the Miami Herald, which has led the way in exposing the Yang scandal. This is a big deal, for a few reasons, and none of them are good for Donald Trump.

For starters, there is every reason to expect that the FBI will go ahead and conduct a good faith investigation into the matter. In this case Donald Trump doesn’t have the jurisdiction to stop the FBI from using its own judgment in pursuing the case. Yang is technically the target of the investigation, not Trump. But considering that she’s a paying member at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club, and she’s turning around and allegedly selling that access to Chinese nationals, make no mistake: this is a counterintelligence investigation into Donald Trump’s connections to the Chinese government.

It’s not clear how the related sex trafficking scandal in Florida, which is being pursued by local officials, will end up tying back to Donald Trump. But considering Trump’s Kraft connection, along with Trump’s connection to the separate but similarly repulsive Jeffrey Epstein child rape scandal, and other creepy connections, this part of the Yang scandal could well lead back to Trump’s doorstep as well.