Donald Trump’s arrest

Have any of you ever watched the show “Homeland?” I was a big fan. It was an incredibly well-written show which I used to binge-watch. And as with any good show, I formed attachments to some of the characters. I often wonder what Carrie, Saul, and others would think about what is happening in our country. But Homeland, although an amazingly compelling show, wasn’t real. Neither is the reality of many in the GOP. And this is the thing I am leading up to.

Let us take a look at a day that has not yet happened. Let us look at tomorrow. Suppose we all wake up to the breaking news that Donald Trump has been indicted. “Breaking news!!” the pundits would scream (except for perhaps Fox).

Twitter will have crashed due to the sheer volume of people trying to log on. Time stops, and people stop — the whole world is riveted as we all watch with wide eyes the perp walk that we have waited for so long.

This would be a mighty day. And one I do hope happens soon. But it would not change one thing with the GOP.

I do not want to burst any bubbles here. But the GOP would not open their eyes wide and say, “we’ve been duped.” No, not at all. The march of hate would continue.

This is what worries me. While Trump’s arrest will satisfy our need to see consequences, it will ultimately do very little to nothing in changing things in our country. Voter suppression will go on. Anti-vaccination rhetoric will go on.

In shows like Homeland, things are often resolved at the end. But our fight for good will take a long time. The problem was not started overnight, and it will not end overnight.

So, this article is a call to activism, if you will. It is for the fighters. It is for the activists — like you!


We want Trump arrested, but we must concentrate on getting our candidate elected in the Virginia Governor’s race. We must turn our eyes on beating Governors Abbott and DeSantis. So, let’s continue our fight — for freedom, for dignity, and for the Democratic party.

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