Donald Trump’s 9/11

I have always been something of a number symbology nerd. For example, if you think of the year as the year “1,” as in the last number in 2021, and January is month 1, and Wednesday’s date as “6” as in the 6th of January, you get “116.” Turning it upside down gives you “911.”

That may seem like a stretch, but what seems less of a stretch to me is Wednesday, the 6th of January, 2021 should forever be known as Donald Trump’s 9/11. His video “disavowal” of the attempted coup by violent partisan thugs trying to hijack the orderly transition of Congress was so blatantly insincere and inflammatory that Twitter, Facebook and YouTube took it down. Trump clearly had no remorse for what he caused, and a woman’s life is now over because of it.

It’s now time for fast track impeachment, the 25th Amendment, emergency indictment, and any other sane measures that are at America’s disposal in order to remove this thug from office as quickly as humanly possible. America cannot endure 13 more days of a Trump presidency any longer. He has become so toxic and out of control as to merit all legal means to remove him before he can cause further damage.

There is already a movement in Congress to impeach the stochastic terrorist and traitor Donald Trump right now. If Mike Pence wants to save his political future and the Republican Party doesn’t want to become a legally prohibited organization, every sane member of the government in Washington must join a headlong effort to eject Trump from office without delay.

There will be time later to indict, try and convict the treasonous thugs who stormed Congress. Senator Josh Hawley should be ejected from the Senate and tried as a traitor for giving the rioters a clenched fist salute. Other members of Congress who supported this insane narrative should likewise be ejected. It is time to clean house. And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

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