Donald Trump upset as Ohio Senate race takes embarrassing turn for him

Assolini’s at it again. So what is Trump angry about this time? Well, it all has to do with the Ohio Senate race. Per Politico, reportedly, Trump was very upset at a certain campaign commercial that was being run in Ohio. This commercial was seemingly meant to take down one of the Ohio candidates. As I have mentioned, the race in Ohio is shaping up to be one of the most vulgar, hateful, and vicious races in modern American times.

The ad was against Senate candidate JD Vance. And this ad featured Vance making statements about how awful the orange monster really is. You see, Vance, at one point, many moons ago, was a never-Trumper.

But reportedly, Trump did not like these ads, which featured Vance referring to assolini as an “idiot” and “noxious.” That seems to have cut to the core of the insurrectionist’s non-soul.

So, Trump being Trump did what he does — he called the person running the ads to tell them to take the ads down. The ads were made by David McIntosh, President of Club for Growth. Reportedly, Trump asked David to take the ads down. This was not done.


And now, reportedly more cash has been put into this advertising campaign. It does not appear to be stopping anytime soon. So, on this issue, as like virtually everything else he’s ever done — Trump lost. And being that he is indeed a perpetual loser, this is not surprising at all.

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