Donald Trump tries last minute desperation National Archives gambit

Well, well, well. Assolini has struck again. The orange pimple has filed yet another lawsuit he will not win. More on that in a moment. First, our condolences on the tragic passing of Colin Powell. Powell passed away at age 84. He will be remembered as a great person, the first African-American Secretary of State and an individual who, as President Biden put it, “time and again, he put country before self, before party, before all else — in uniform and out.”

So, this Trump litigation seeks to invalidate the powers of the January 6th committee, which is impossible, but that’s assolini for you. The litigation attempts to stop the relevant documents from being released from the National Archives. Namely the documents that the January 6 committee has asked for. The suit argues the January 6th committee has no subpoena power, and all records they seek should be protected under executive privilege. Right. Not happening, orange one.

This litigation makes no sense, will not go anywhere, will most likely be dismissed, or the very least, Trump will lose (as usual) and will add to the list of lawsuits assolini has already lost.


But this is his language, you understand. It is the only way he knows to express himself. It’s the only way to unload his dark rage. Litigation and Trump are words that go together as strongly as bacon and eggs, Democrats and liberty, and Matt Gaetz and school proms. This litigation will go absolutely nowhere and is just another distraction in an ever-growing list of GOP distractions.

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