Donald Trump just tipped off how truly screwed he knows he is

To say that Donald Trump had a bad day on Monday is to put it very mildly. His team put on a tinfoil hat-worthy impeachment trial defense that surely didn’t gain him a single 2020 vote, even as Senate Republicans began talking about how they now have the votes to start the process of calling people like John Bolton to testify. By late last night, Trump was so flabbergasted about how it was all falling apart for him, he couldn’t help but give it away.

Sometime after midnight, Donald Trump tweeted a video clip in which longtime Republican operative Rick Wilson made fun of Trump’s idiot base while appearing on Don Lemon’s CNN show. Trump added “Don Lemon, the dumbest man on television.” It’s a surefire sign that Trump knows things are going wrong for him when he starts attacking people after midnight. It’s an even more surefire sign that he knows he’s screwed when he starts insulting the intelligence of black public figures. You can watch the video of Lemon and Wilson below:


Two things stand out here, aside from Trump’s obvious desperation and ever-present racism. First, he just basically urged his own supporters to listen to Rick Wilson expertly explaining why they’re rubes. Why would Trump want to expose his base to that kind of reality? Dumb move. Second, it’s notable that Trump didn’t dare to insult Wilson; we suspect Trump is too afraid to take him on. But again, Lemon is black and Wilson is white, so we shouldn’t be surprised that Trump attacked Lemon for something that Wilson said. You can find Rick Wilson’s new book here.

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