Donald Trump throws Allen Weisselberg under the bus

Last week we brought you the peculiar news that the recently indicted Allen Weisselberg had suddenly been removed as a Director of one of Donald Trump’s golf properties in Scotland. We pointed out that it couldn’t have been coincidence, and we wondered aloud if we’d see more of this. Sure enough, it’s happening.

Now it turns out Allen Weisselberg has also been removed as an officer of the Trump Payroll Corporation, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Washington Post is going even further, reporting that Weisselberg has been removed from dozens of Trump subsidiaries. It’s fair to say that this is now officially a pattern.

It’s also notable that the Trump Payroll Corporation was indicted as part of the overall Trump Organization indictment, marking the first instance of Weisselberg being removed from an indicted Trump entity. At this point it’s fair to say that Donald Trump has thrown Allen Weisselberg under the bus. It probably won’t be much longer before he removes Weisselberg as CFO of the Trump Organization as well, in an ongoing effort to insulate himself from Weisselberg’s indictment.

Of course this isn’t going to help Donald Trump any. He’s famous for trying to close the barn door after the horse has already run away, and this is no different. New York prosecutors indicted the entire Trump Organization to help make sure that Donald Trump can’t just scapegoat Weisselberg. And of course this kind of move could motivate Weisselberg to realize that he’s being scapegoated, thus increasing his odds of flipping.

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