Donald Trump suddenly has a money problem with his own henchmen

Everyone who’s followed Donald Trump over the years, whether in politics or in real estate before that, knows that he does everything he can to avoid paying his bills. Yet the ambitious suckers who attach themselves to him always end up thinking they’ll somehow be the one person Trump comes through for.

For instance, when it became clear that Trump’s top political advisers were going to be targeted and/or prosecuted in relation to January 6th, Trump promised to pay their legal bills – a tactic generally used to keep them loyal to him.

But now the New York Times says that some of Trump’s former and current staffers are learning that Trump is not going to pay their legal bills, and some of them are considering taking legal action against Trump in order to get those bills paid.


This is yet another tale of Trump screwing everyone who’s remained loyal to him; that’s nothing new. But the real story here is that if Trump doesn’t pay these folks’ legal bills, it could prompt some of them to cooperate with prosecutors, in the hope of reducing their legal bills. After all, if he’s showing no loyalty, why should they? We’ll see who cracks and when.

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