Donald Trump spirals out of control as it all goes wrong for him

Donald Trump has always been most effective in his antics when he’s been able to isolate and target one person at a time. It was true for all those years he was identifying suckers and conning them out of their money. It’s also been true in politics. Trump picked off one 2016 Republican candidate after another, while the others stood silent.

The trouble for Donald Trump in 2020 is that things aren’t shaping up that way. There is no Republican primary to speak of this time around, of course. But on the Democratic side, Trump is looking at his worst nightmare. He thought he could blackmail Ukraine into taking out frontrunner Joe Biden, thus allowing him to run against a divisive weakling like Bernie Sanders. Then Trump would bust out Bernie’s bizarre views on Cuba and the weird scandals from his past, and no one would be quite sure how to defend Bernie from any of it, and Trump would win.

Instead we’re seeing the precise opposite play out. Not only is Donald Trump going to have to run against Joe Biden, he’s seeing a united front line up behind Biden. Popular former candidates like Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Beto O’Rourke are now officially joining his team. Mike Bloomberg’s campaign didn’t go anywhere, but his resources are limitless, and he’s shifting them in Biden’s direction.

Donald Trump’s worst nightmare is having to take on someone who’s as broadly popular as Joe Biden and has the broad resources of Mike Bloomberg. That’s what is now happening. No wonder Trump has been reduced to tweeting something about Bloomberg licking his fingers, deleting it, then tweeting it again hours later, then deleting it again. Trump is completely spun around by all of this. The more America aligns behind Biden, the worse it gets for Trump

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