Donald Trump reveals his 2022 midterm strategy, and it’s terrible news for the Republicans

After nearly destroying the country through his unique combination of recklessness, incompetence, apathy, and abject cruelty, Donald Trump is now taking an escalator ride down to hell. With the Manhattan District Attorney empaneling a grand jury to consider indictments against Trump and New York State announcing a criminal probe into the Trump Organization, Trump’s future is looking increasingly bleak as his brand keeps growing more poisonous.

Combine this critical turn of events with new reports of how Trump is seeking to play a kingmaker role in the 2022 midterms and it’s nothing short of a tremendous gift for Democrats, wrapped with a bright orange bow. A couple of weeks ago, Bloomberg reported Trump’s “plans to bestow his superlative-laden endorsements” in next year’s races, pointing out that Trump’s mixed track record and knack for energizing Democrats threatens Republicans’ plans to retake control of Congress.

We now know more of the specifics of Trump’s grand plan, and while it’s aimed at exciting Republicans, Democrats should be the ones rejoicing. According to Politico, Trump has recently met with three stooges — Mark Meadows, Lindsey Graham, and Newt Gingrich — to concoct a policy document for the midterms. Although it’s based on Gingrich’s 1994 “Contract with America,” it’s more about grievance over substance and further consolidating the failing GOP with losing MAGA ideology.


In an article Wednesday about how Trump’s team is “soiling itself” while bracing for inevitable criminal charges, Vanity Fair explained it this way: “Presumably, anyone looking for Trump’s endorsement would have to sign the Trump Contract in blood.” Good luck to all Republicans who aspire to tumble down this rabbit hole. As investigations into Trump’s criminal liability intensify over the next year, Trump’s efforts to steer the midterms to the right are even more likely to blow up in a cloud of toxicity. Put your safety goggles on.

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