Donald Trump really is that far gone

Why would anyone ever vote Republican? We suffered through the worst president this country has ever seen, and he was Republican, though that was not his biggest problem. He constantly stoked flames of division, was far too chummy with dictators, and did nothing for the people of this country. Even after he lost, we cannot get rid of him because other Republicans continue his lie that the election was “stolen” from him. He purposely hid Covid-19 from all of us, causing it to rage out of control. Then, he downplayed mask-wearing and the vaccine, two things Republican governors continue to this day, regardless of how many die in their states. Yet, Politico, reporting on the race between Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin in Virginia, shows that people are still trying to get Republicans into office. It is unfathomable.

Making matters even more unbelievable, CNN’s “Reliable Sources” newsletter’s report on Trump’s latest interview on One America News revealed just how far-gone Trump is and just how much propogandists are willing to keep up the charade. Brian Stelter reported for CNN. He described Trump and his “fact-free rant” about elections, claiming that “vicious Democrats” are cheating and destroying our country. The man is a lunatic. Can they not find something on him and lock him away? Talk about destroying our country. He is doing that single-handedly. According to Stelter, Trump went on incessantly about the election, claiming that “there is no way” President Biden received 81 million votes. Why does Trump continue to harp on the “stolen election” story? Because he has plenty of buyers for what he is selling, and therein lies the problem for the rest of us.

As Stelter points out, we have a storm brewing on the horizon. As long as people buy into Trump’s tall tales, we will never get back to what we once were. We will always have people who doubt the validity of our elections, which is being supported by Republicans. Stelter believes that it is the real media’s job to try to drum democracy into people’s heads. Speaking with author Timothy Snyder, Stelter believes that if the real press focuses on democracy, we might just have a chance. Snyder told Stelter that because of everything that is happening now, we could easily have a (probably Republican) loser of the presidential race be cast as the winner. “That is what’s happening right before our eyes right now, and we are just too cowardly to look at it,” Snyder said. We had better start looking at it before Republicans take over full control of this country, and even those who support them will suffer.


Hopefully, McAuliffe’s small lead will hold to propel him to the Virginia governorship. The more that Democrats can win these races, the better off we will be. We can begin to seriously combat this illness—for lack of a better word—from which people are suffering. Keep talking about it and keep showing people that democracy is alive and well in our country, and we must trust the system, not a loser.

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