Donald Trump mistakenly thanks his sister for defending him, when it’s really a Betty Trump parody account

– If you want a sign of just how far off the rails Donald Trump has gone, consider this: a Trump stooge wrote an article which quoted praise for Donald Trump from his sister Betty Trump. Then Donald Trump retweeted the article, adding “Thank you Elizabeth, LOVE!” Then it turned out the article was quoting a Betty Trump parody account. That’s right, Donald Trump just thanked a parody account that he thought was his own sister.

– Trump is now attacking the Republican Governor of Georgia, and the Republican Secretary of State of Georgia, for refusing to help him cheat in Georgia. That’s how desperate he’s become, as the doors keep slamming in his face.

– Kayleigh McEnany held one of the more embarrassing press conferences of all time today, taking only a couple questions from Trump sycophants before leaving. When CNN’s Kaitlan Collins tried asking a question, Kayleigh said “I don’t call on activists.” What is this, Kindergarten? Kayleigh is losing it.

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