Donald Trump missing in action, can’t even show up for his own goon fest

When Donald Trump canceled his January 6th press conference at the last minute, we weren’t surprised at all. It would have been a terrible idea for him to go run his mouth about the insurrection and risk incriminating himself, at a time when the January 6th Committee is closing in on him and even Merrick Garland is vowing to hold everyone accountable all the way up the chain. But today things got more suspicious.

Trump’s favorite thing to do in politics has always been to soak in the adoration of his idiot supporters. But after his handlers enticed a number of Trump cult members to stand on a certain street corner in Florida today so that they could cheer Trump as his car drove by, Trump never even showed up.


This is really odd for Donald Trump. This is a guy who famously forced the Secret Service to drive him around the block so he could see his cheering supporters while he had COVID. He’s that much of a narcissist when it comes to this kind of thing. Yet he bailed on his own supporters today, with no reason given. What’s going on? Is he sick? Is he broken? Is he just that paranoid about his worsening legal troubles? There’s something strange here.

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