Donald Trump loses no matter what

Trump’s impeachment trial will drive his already very low approval rating even lower, and boost the public’s appetite for his criminal prosecution. So it’ll be a loss for Trump whether he’s convicted or not. Don’t let ratings-driven pundits try to scare you into believing that an acquittal is somehow a win for him.

Don’t let the media push this doomsday scenario on you where if Trump is acquitted, he then magically runs in 2024 and magically regains power. That’s a childlike fantasy. He’ll be in prison in New York long before that anyway. Not to mention, he’s historically unpopular.

The media’s entire ratings game centers around convincing you that at any given time this one arbitrary magic wand thing must happen right now, and that if it doesn’t happen, all hope will be lost. It only makes sense if you put zero thought into it, which is what the media is counting on.

Last time Trump was impeached, the media insisted that if he wasn’t convicted, it would result in him magically winning reelection. That was never even a real scenario, but the media succeeded in using it to keep you tuned in. By the time Trump lost, you had forgotten that the media fed you all that nonsense during his first impeachment trial.

Now the media is attempting the same ratings trap: unless Trump is convicted in this impeachment trial, he’ll magically destroy us all. This sounds like the kind of tall tale that only a four year old would fall for – which goes to show how badly the media tries to infantilize us.

The media is also insisting Trump will be “emboldened” by his acquittal. Yeah right. He’s a broken half-senile blob who’s sitting there in Florida and watching TV while awaiting his arrest. Even the House GOP is giving him nothing more than arbitrary lip service. The notion that Trump is now somehow running the Republican Party from a secret lair, or carrying out some shadow presidency, is yet another media tall tale designed to churn up ratings.

But this is nothing new. The media spent four years constantly insisting that unless some certain magic wand thing immediately happened, Trump would become “emboldened” and then he’d be magically unstoppable. Again, this was always a tall tale for small children that never came true. The fact-based story is that Trump bumbled and limped through his term, lost in a multimillion vote blowout as could have been predicted, and never came close to setting himself up for some kind of long term reign.

The truly insulting part about the media’s “Trump emboldened” narrative is that we’re always supposed to believe he somehow wasn’t emboldened to begin with. As if he was always behaving, but now he’s going to do bad stuff if this one arbitrary thing happens.

Also, becoming “emboldened” doesn’t suddenly give someone magical powers that they don’t already have, no matter how motivated they might be. If I become more motivated to turn myself into a platypus, it doesn’t increase the odds of it happening, which are still zero. Again, “Trump emboldened” a childlike narrative aimed at keeping you staring at the TV in fear, instead of doing any thinking.

We have a unique opportunity right now to push through the most important legislation and reform of our lifetime, to fix so much of what’s wrong with this country, and to win the midterms by tying every House and Senate Republican to the toxically unpopular Trump and his equally unpopular proteges.


The one thing we can’t do is allow the media to bait us into believing that “all hope is lost” because one arbitrary thing doesn’t happen in a specific manner. Nothing is ever that simplistic. If we fall for that kind of media distraction, then we won’t be properly focused on throwing our support behind our Democratic leaders and their strategy at this crucial time in our history.

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