Donald Trump just threw Mick Mulvaney under the bus in his exploding whistleblower scandal

Unraveling criminal conspiracies always have one thing in common: the participants invariably start throwing each other under the bus, in a desperate but strategic effort at saving themselves – and this in turn causes more people to throw each other under the bus for reasons of pure retaliation.

That’s why it’s a big deal that we’re less than a week into the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s Ukraine whistleblower scandal, and we’re already seeing Trump and his people point the finger at each other in accelerating fashion. Trump has apparently decided that because his release of the phone call summary and whistleblower report have gone poorly for him, it’s all the fault of Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. No, really.

Donald Trump thinks that Mulvaney should have done a better job of explaining to the media and the public that these documents exonerated Trump, according to a report from CNN this evening. That’s hilarious, considering that these documents directly incriminated Trump, and that a professional ballerina couldn’t have spun expertly enough to convince anyone that these documents somehow helped Trump’s case.

The kicker is that Donald Trump isn’t just scapegoating Mick Mulvaney behind closed doors, he’s making a point of leaking it to the media. Think about how Mulvaney must feel right now. He’s being publicly blamed for everything, and he’s clearly in danger of getting fired. When Mulvaney gets subpoenaed by the House impeachment inquiry, and he realizes that he could end up in prison for refusing to cooperate, and that Trump isn’t going to rescue him, will Mulvaney simply flip? Trump is driving his own people into the arms of Nancy Pelosi.

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