Donald Trump just sold out Matt Gaetz

Based on his behavior thus far, it’s clear that Matt Gaetz intends to try to get out of his increasingly ugly criminal scandal by using the Trump playbook. That’s unlikely to save him, given that the Trump playbook resulted in Donald Trump losing the 2020 election by seven million votes and awaiting criminal indictment in multiple states.

But Gaetz is nonetheless trying to do things the Trump way, and because Gaetz is too dumb to understand how the Trump way even works, he recently tried to meet with Trump at Mar-a-Lago for advice on how to navigate his criminal scandal. But CNN says that Trump refused to meet with Gaetz, because advisers have told Trump that there’s no point in sticking his neck out.

Trump is actually doing the smart thing here. If Gaetz has done the things he’s being investigated for, then he’s going to prison for decades, and he’s going to take a whole lot of people down with him. Trump can’t help him, and can only be hurt by associating with him.

But still, Matt Gaetz has been loyal to Donald Trump for years, and now that Gaetz needs Trump’s help in return, Trump is selfishly selling him out. That’s not a surprise. For Trump, loyalty has always been a one-way street. His sycophants just keep finding that out the hard way.

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