Donald Trump just screwed over one of his top House Republican apologists

If you’ve been wondering why the House Judiciary Committee’s ranking Republican Doug Collins has bent over so far cartoonishly backward to try to dishonestly defend Donald Trump during the investigations into Trump’s crimes, it’s because Collins thought there was going to be something in it for him. Trump always dangles a carrot at his apologists and stooges, and they always take the bait. The thing is, the carrot always turns out to have been rotten the entire time.

Back in the summer of 2016, Republican Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia announced that he was resigning partway through his six year term. This meant that Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp was going to get to appoint someone to finish the term. Donald Trump openly pushed Kemp to appoint Doug Collins, thus making it fairly clear that Trump had gotten Collins to do his corrupt bidding by dangling the Senate job in front of him.

The thing is, it turns out Donald Trump was signing yet another check he couldn’t cash. Kemp has ended up appointing Kelly Loeffler to the Senate seat instead, meaning Trump either didn’t push hard enough for Collins, or Trump never had any influence over Kemp to begin with. Kemp is as corrupt as they come, so he surely had his own corrupt reasons for picking Loeffler over Collins.

But that’s how things go with the Republican Party these days: they’re a bunch of corrupt thugs who are too busy carrying out their own criminal agendas to bother caring about each other’s criminal agendas. And so Doug Collins has spent months humiliating and eviscerating himself on live national television for nothing. Donald Trump has screwed over yet another one of his apologists. The question is why they keep thinking he’s somehow going to reward them for it, when he’s as disloyal as he is dysfunctional.

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