Donald Trump just made a whole new mess for the GOP

Donald Trump keeps signaling in his “press releases” that he wants to campaign this week in Virginia for Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin. But by all accounts, Youngkin doesn’t want Trump to come. This is the latest reminder of three things.

First, Trump is exceedingly unpopular. Yes, his die-hard base still loves him. But most Americans hate him. Youngkin knows that for every extremist vote he’d gain by campaigning with Trump, he’d probably lose at least one moderate vote by standing next to Trump. The notion that Trump is somehow a viable candidate for 2024 is laughable.

Second, because Trump keeps trying to regain relevance by trying to insert himself into elections like this, the Republican Party is stuck with him. Trump will keep causing trouble for Republican candidates like Glenn Youngkin, until Trump lands in prison or croaks. Trump is an albatross around the GOP’s neck.


Finally, this is a reminder that Glenn Youngkin is beatable in Virginia on Tuesday, as he faces the no-win situation of how to deal with Trump. It’s more important than ever that we make a last minute push for Democrat Terry McAuliffe. You can donate or volunteer online no matter what state you live in. Go here now.

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