Donald Trump just made a big mistake


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It wasn’t just CNN making a mistake Wednesday night. Court-proven sexual predator Donald Trump made a huge legal blunder during his so-called “town hall” broadcast when he may have in fact confessed to a crime in front of the world.

Part of his rambling, scarcely coherent rants included something specific about his handling of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. He appeared to contradict statements made by his lawyers, and provided potentially important evidence for federal prosecutors investigating whether to charge him with a crime, legal experts say.

Only just last month in a letter to Congress Trump’s lawyers said that the classified documents found at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago compound got there by “accident.” But when questioned about the issue during his ridiculous town hall by CNN’s tepid, ineffectual host Kaitlan Collins, Trump said he had “every right” to take classified documents from the White House. “I didn’t make a secret of it,” he added. “You know, the boxes were stationed outside the White House, people were taking pictures of it.” So much for “taking the documents by accident,”

“Trump’s comments hurt him, and what he said is significant,” said John Fishwick, a former US attorney for the Western District of Virginia and an Obama appointee. “Not only do they contradict his legal position, he admits to possession and knowledge of classified documents that he is taking from the White House. Jack Smith will make good use of last night’s town hall and it will help him button up his case.”

So what’s a Trump lawyer to do? Alter their defence in order to stay in step with their client’s latest gaff? Not so fast. The problem remains that if Trump is brought to trial for unlawful classified document removal his lawyers’ statements to Congress can and will be used against him. They will be contrasted with his statements during the town hall and used to impeach his credibility. They will also make a case for a clear intent to deceive on Trump’s part.

So court-proven sexual predator Donald Trump has done it again, he has shown once more how he is every prosecutor’s dream defendant. Every time his lawyers open their mouths, Trump has to open his. And that’s the problem. One can imagine his lawyers begging him, “Please, please, please Donald, do NOT make any comments about any ongoing legal issues.” But Trump has no impulse control.

As to CNN providing this disgusting murderer, rapist, thief and traitor a platform to spew his acrimonious bullshit in front of an audience of sycophantish cretins, I can only say this. I remember a time when, during his first press conference as president, Donald Trump referred to CNN as “fake news.” He took it one step further when he referred to them as “the enemy of the people.”

Back then CNN took a stand against Trump. They took exception to his brazenly anti-American rhetoric and boldly called him out on it. Providing Trump with a pulpit Wednesday night from which to justify his criminal conduct and revictimise the woman he raped is a new low for CNN. It’s a lickspittle, craven move worthy of Lindsey Graham. Shame on CNN, and shame on anyone who continues to support this proven rapist and monster. And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.


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