Donald Trump just lost in court in New York AGAIN

After a New York judge found Donald Trump in contempt of court and hit him with $10,000 daily fines that could escalate at the judge’s discretion, Trump immediately filed an appeal. On Friday, Rolling Stone reported that Trump lost that appeal. Now Trump has apparently lost in court again.

Bloomberg reported today that Trump has lost an appeal over the contempt of court filing. This initially led some observers to believe this was merely a repeat of Friday’s news. But Bloomberg is in fact reporting that Trump lost this appeal today, after having filed it yesterday, meaning it’s a different appeal.

This is crucial because while Trump will of course lose every appeal, in his mind he thinks he can run out the clock. But there are a finite number of levels you can appeal a case to, and once you exhaust them, it’s over. If Trump was counting on those appeals dragging out for months on end, he’s very wrong.

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