Donald Trump just had his “sock rocket” moment

Barely more than a week ago, Donald Trump was unexpectedly taken to the hospital. Rather than disclosing the real reason, his handlers floated a series of absurd lies to try to cover it up. It resulted in widespread skepticism about his health among the general public โ€“ particularly after Trump was seen using his left arm in unusually subdued fashion during a public event earlier this week. Now Trump has had another moment that’s added fuel to the fire.

Last night Donald Trump held one of his infamous political rallies in Florida. It consisted of Trump giving a typically deranged and semi-coherent speech, which was of course nothing new. But somewhere in there Trump tried to say the phrase “stock market” and he had such trouble making his mouth work correctly, he ended up saying โ€“ depending on whom you ask on social media โ€“ either “sock rocket” or “slock rocket.”

On its own, we’d probably be tempted to write it off as yet another weird moment, from a guy whose weirdness is the least of his troubles. But when you consider that in the past ten days Trump has been unexpectedly taken to the hospital, and then seen having apparent trouble with his left arm, and now having trouble making his mouth work correctly… let’s just say that Trump has a responsibility to disclose whatever medical issue really landed him in the hospital. If he doesn’t want the public knowing about his health issues, he should resign.

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