Donald Trump just gave away that he expects to be criminally indicted soon in New York

In the weeks since Donald Trump was forced to leave office, it’s gradually become more clear that he’s on a path to prison. New York prosecutors have his tax returns and are in the process of flipping witnesses against him. Georgia prosecutors have begun putting their case in front of the grand jury. Both have hired specialists to help them prosecute their cases at trial.

Now Donald Trump himself has tipped off that he believes he’s about to be criminally indicted in New York: he just hired a high powered criminal defense attorney to represent him in the case. To be clear, you don’t hire a criminal defense attorney unless you think you’re going to need one. And a cheapskate like Trump doesn’t hire someone like this unless he thinks he’s going need it soon.

So even as the fantasizers within Trump’s base and the fatalists within the Resistance continue to agree that Trump is somehow magically going to get away with it all, Trump clearly sees things differently. He expects to be criminally indicted and arrested soon. And he expects it to be so ugly for him that he needs a high profile defense attorney.

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