Donald Trump just gave away how finished he is

On Tuesday night, while the rest of us were living in the year 2021, Donald Trump was busy re-living the year 2020. Inexplicably dressed in a somewhat ill-fitting tuxedo, Trump sat down with My Pillow guy Mike Lindell for an on-camera interview. Most of it was about as loony, incoherent, and irrelevant as one might have expected. But during the interview, Trump gave away why he’s finished.

Even as Lindell kept trying to steer Trump toward focusing on the 2024 election, Trump was adamant about obsessing over the 2020 election. All Trump could talk about was how it was rigged, how he really won, all the usual delusional stuff. Trump even made a point of saying that he can’t just move on to 2024; he wants to “fix” the 2020 election instead.

In other words, Donald Trump has no interest in the 2024 election. He has no desire to run in it, or even think about it. He doesn’t care about trying to win in 2024. He merely wants to convince himself that he’s already won reelection, so he can pretend he’s still President. Trump is clearly living in a delusional fantasy world, and he’s not even close to being in the kind of cognitive or psychological state that would allow him to be an actual candidate 2024.


Trump will be in state prison in New York long before 2024 anyway, something that even in his delusional state he surely knows is true. Perhaps that’s why he’s only interested in fantasizing about having secretly won the 2020 election; he knows that his future as a free man doesn’t even stretch to 2024.

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