Donald Trump just decided he wants to get booed in New York City again

As Donald Trump’s world continues to fall apart in real time, his babysitters keep trying to cheer him up by taking him to public events where they think he’s going to get a warm reception. The trouble: they keep guessing hilariously wrong. Now they’re about to try again, and this time it won’t work either.

First, Donald Trump’s handlers took him to a World Series game in Washington DC. They may have thought that baseball’s demographics lined up well with Trump’s base, but the crowd ended up loudly booing Trump and chanting “Lock him up!” Then Trump’s diaper-changers took him to a UFC match in New York City, where he was once again loudly booed by the crowd. It didn’t help that he did this right after he announced he was moving from New York to Florida. Here comes strike three.

Donald Trump is coming back to New York again on Monday, this time to lead a Veterans Day parade. Trump’s handlers are clearly counting on Trump not getting booed because he’ll be in amongst military veterans, who always get cheered. But we’ve already seen why this won’t work for him. At the World Series, the jumbotron screen showed some military personnel in uniform, then Trump’s face, then military personnel again, within seconds. The crowd quickly switched from cheers, to boos, and back to cheers again accordingly.

Not only will Donald Trump get booed the entire time he’s in this parade, he’ll have to suffer the humiliation of hearing nonstop cheers for the veterans who are in front of and behind him in the parade order. This is one of the dumbest ideas that the diaper-changers have come up with yet for trying to cheer up the increasingly sullen Trump. It’s ugly enough for him that he’s being impeached and he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison. Now he has to get booed along the way.

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