Donald Trump Jr would probably like to have this tweet back

We’ve all watched Donald Trump Jr devolve into an agitated, jittery, incoherent conspiracy theorist in the videos he’s insisted on releasing since his father was removed from power. But even though Jr has set the bar incredibly low for himself, he may end up regretting what he tweeted earlier today.

After a George Floyd mural was struck by lightning and destroyed, Donald Trump Jr tweeted this: “It’s almost like a higher power is telling us something.” Let’s be clear here. George Floyd was murdered in cold blood by a former cop who’s now serving twenty-plus years in prison for it. Yet Junior is taking the position that God somehow hates George Floyd?

This is deranged even for Donald Trump Jr. Then he doubled down on it a few hours later, posting this incoherent and incorrectly spelled tweet: “The media: Lightening is obviously racist!!! Also the media: It must have been WHITE lightening. Also probably the media: Lightening is a symbol of white supremacy!!! How long till they go there? You know it’s coming.”

At this point it’s fair to conclude that Donald Trump Jr either belongs in a rubber room for his own safety, or he’s putting on an act because he mistakenly believes that current displays of mental incompetence are going to get him off the hook for his past financial crimes in the Trump Organization. Either way, once Junior finally gets the psychological help he apparently needs, we suspect he’ll end up wishing he hadn’t tweeted things like this.

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