Donald Trump Jr. just gave something away

Donald Trump Jr. says “It’s as though they’re just trying to break us at this point.” He’s right. We are trying to break the spirit of these right wing anti-American, Nazi-sympathizing, death cult Republican losers. They’re snowflakes, and all we have to do is break their spirit and they’ll crawl for a generation so we can govern again.

On another note, the defeatists on our side have now decided that the Supreme Court is 100% going to overturn Roe v. Wade, no way to stop it, no point in fighting, and we should all just give up. It’s clear why the defeatists are the most dangerous enemy we face; they try to defeat our side from within. And that brings us back to Donald Trump Jr’s tweet.

Donald Trump Jr. just accidentally gave away a crucial point here: winning in politics is all about breaking the other side’s spirit. That means convincing the other side that they’re going to lose no matter what, so they’ll stop fighting, stop organizing, and stop voting. That also means making sure the defeatists on your own side don’t manage to break your side’s spirit with their toxic rhetoric about about how your side is going to lose no matter what.

And then there are the people in the middle, who just want to be on the winning side. They’re looking to see which side is acting like they’re going to win, so they can join the bandwagon and vote for that side.

Winning in politics is all about making everyone involved believe that your side is going to win no matter what, and that the other side is going to lose no matter what. Anything else is useless noise at best, and harmful defeatism at worst.

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