Donald Trump Jr has complete meltdown over Trump Organization indictments

If fifteen felony counts against the Trump Organization and the arrest of Allen Weisselberg were just the opening salvo in the New York criminal investigation, how ugly will it get by the second or third round?

The specter of seeing multiple members of the Trump family in handcuffs appeared to be weighing heavily on Donald Trump Jr’s mind tonight when he filmed a rambling, thirteen minute video that can charitably be described as a meltdown:


What’s remarkable is just how bad of physical shape Donald Trump Jr appears to be in these days. As is increasingly the case in his public appearances, he spent portions of this video not being able to open his eyes, looking like he was going to cry, shouting, ranting, and behaving erratically. This isn’t rubber room stuff, but… something is amiss with this guy. It’s not going to get better as the indictments get worse.

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