Donald Trump Jr. has berserk meltdown

As the Manhattan District Attorney’s office grows closer to having its grand jury start criminally indicting people in the Trump Organization, it’s worth keeping an eye on how Donald Trump Jr. is handling the pressure. After all, he has no semblance of a filter left, so whatever wacky stuff is bouncing off the walls of his mind, we end up hearing about it.

Tonight was particularly bad for Donald Trump Jr. In one tweet he falsely claimed that his father had just been vindicated for urging Americans to take the dangerous drug hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID. Then he referred to Dr. Anthony Fauci as a “partisan bureaucrat moron in a lab coat.”

Of course Donald Trump Jr. is also still ranting and raving about Hunter Biden, which he’s been doing for the past day and a half. Junior seems to have convinced himself that if he can tweet enough mean things about Hunter Biden, then the criminal charges that are coming against the Trump family somehow won’t happen. That kind of desperation demonstrates that the Trump family knows how much legal trouble it’s facing.

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