Donald Trump Jr goes berserk after Michael Cohen incriminates him

Key evidence that Michael Cohen brought to his hearing before the House Oversight Committee includes two $35,000 checks that Donald Trump’s former lawyer and fixer referred to as hush money paid directly to Cohen from the president himself. What’s very interesting is the signatures on one of the checks. One was reportedly signed by Allen Weisselberg, who has advised Donald Trump and served as Trump Organization CFO for decades. He knows everything about the Trump family’s money grubbing machinations and has been cooperating with investigators for at least ten months.

The other check was signed by none other than Donald Trump Jr. Perhaps hush money checks signed by these two should come as no big surprise, seeing as Don Jr bills himself as “executive vice president of development & acquisitions” of Trump Organization. But this puts Junior in a very tight spot. That’s because of the aforementioned cooperation by Weisselberg. Sure, Weisselberg might have been in hot water for his decades-long role in Trump’s financial malfeasance, including the Cohen hush money payments, but he was smart enough to give up the considerable goods he has on the way the organization operates. He was a key to many of the maneuvers that kept the Trump clan afloat while helping fend off everyone from angry creditors to alarmed investigators.

Junior, on the other hand, has taken his fight to Twitter in a buffoonish attempt to dampen a level of heat he has no idea how to deal with. He’s too dumb to cooperate, and apparently dumb enough to sign his life away on a hush money check to Michael Cohen on behalf of his dad in a deranged bit of self-destructive approval seeking. The disgraced lawyer and fixer also implicated Junior in the Trump Tower “if it’s what you say I love it” meeting and revealed the unsurprising tidbit that senior Trump believes his son is completely incompetent.

Because Michael Cohen is an admitted liar and felon, the Oversight Committee might not find his testimony about the Trump Tower meeting compelling without corroborating evidence, which he may or may not have. However, there are plenty of other evidentiary angles to look at in the interest of implicating everyone involved with the Trump Tower collusion. When it comes to Donald Trump Jr’s signature on at least one hush money check, Cohen apparently has the receipts. That is heavily damaging for both Trump and Junior, because it doesn’t require that you take a shady character like Michael Cohen at his word.