Donald Trump is trying to hand us a gift on this one

No matter how obnoxious some people might be, it is difficult to ignore them, especially when they keep inserting themselves into the conversation. Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, but like the moldy piece of garbage he is, he keeps turning up in our trash. Because he continues to be brought up during the Virginia governor’s race, he is rearing his head, teasing and acting like the mentally four-year-old toddler that he is, though Politico reports that Democrats have enticed him this time around. Democrats know how toxic Trump is to Democratic voters, and they want him front and center. Of course, this all plays into Trump’s attention-seeking hands.

Politico’s writer believes that a visit from Trump would be “a gift” for McAuliffe because he is so polarizing that such an appearance would likely drive Democratic voters to the poll. It is interesting, however, that Trump is being quite evasive on the issue, saying that he would “visit soon.” The election will be over next week, so if he is indeed coming “soon,” he had better get moving. His aides claim to know nothing about a visit from Trump.

Interestingly, Youngkin has remained quiet on the issue. He seems to be in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” position. He understands Trump could cause this entire election to blow up in his face. Trump remains an unproven commodity with respect to helping elect Republicans, and some would rather not take the risk. Politico also shared that those close to Trump believe that he is purposely steering clear of the state because he knows he is an unproven commodity. Staying away will allow him to either claim victory if Youngkin wins and distance himself should Youngkin lose. Typical Trump bullshit.

From all outside appearances, Youngkin is avoiding Trump like the plague, though Trump’s mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway claims that is not the case because “Virginians have shown an appetite for a political outsider, first-time candidate and successful businessman,” none of which accurately describe Trump other than “outsider.” Too bad he does not stay outside. According to Politico, in the case of Virginia, Democrats would love a visit, which they believe would help McAuliffe. Whether or not Trump comes, Democratic strategist Josh Schwerin believes even mentioning the possibility has helped because it shows that Youngkin is not and cannot be independent of Trump. He might well be onto something because McAuliffe’s campaign recently raised $653,000, a rather large sum of money this close to the race and the campaign’s largest single-day total.


Trump and his supporters are jokes. They fight for the most ridiculous rights, including a mother in Virginia who started a campaign to have Tony Morrison’s (Pulitzer-winning) novel “Beloved” banned because “it traumatized her son.” Youngkin jumped on her bandwagon in an ad, and with the controversy surrounding Trump’s no-show in Virginia, one of McAuliffe’s aides took the opportunity to give us a laugh: “Maybe Donald Trump will show up and read a copy of ‘Beloved.’” Trump is a joke; at least we can laugh at him.

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