Donald Trump is singing the blues


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It was just another late night. And a weary but still wide-awake writer (Myself) was aimlessly scouring social media, as political animals are wont to do. So I was looking at and examining different political stories, when I hit an earthquake of a story.

And my reaction was somewhat muted. This cannot be real, I said to myself. Had the human simulation ended? Were we all on Candid Camera? Was this a parody? No, no, and no. So, wonderful readers, take a deep breath and journey with me (for only a brief time) to the center of hell.

A new song has been released. This song features a VERY bad singer, proving that among his other failures, singing is right up there with all of them. The singer is Donald John Trump. The song is called “Justice for all”. And it features the lead singer, Assolini, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. He can read?!!

Perhaps someone whispered the words to him. But that is not all. He had a band chiming in with him. This band sang “the Star-Spangeld Banner.” Who was this band? About twenty inmates from the January 6 insurrection.

The voices of these traitors were recorded over a prison phone from their lovely headquarters in the penitentiary. They call themselves the J-6 Prison Choir. Twitter was wide awake with comments. And most people were thoroughly and wholly disgusted. Do you blame them?

So let’s look together at some of the responses on Twitter — and this time, I am highlighting A LOT of them because if you don’t laugh at this story, you’ll cry, and some of these responses will make one laugh. They’re hysterical:

“Is this an onion headline?”

“I thought Antifa did it.”

“He’s like over easy eggs with a side of traitor toast.”

“We went from Band-aide to Live-aide to Grift-aide.”

“2023’s summer hit is two seasons early and ready to rock the cookouts of those who marry their cousins.”

“Jailhouse flop.”

“The video needs Josh Hawley running from the insurrection.”

“Trump should have just recited the McDONALD’S menu.”

“Can you imagine if Richard Nixon had dropped a song with the burglars from Watergate?’

“What — no Lindsey Graham appearance?”

“Come for the insurrection; stay for the fascism.”

“Making rotting in prison great again.”

“My new life goal is never to hear this song.”

“Let’s see how long it takes trump to steal all the profits.”

“I’ve been broken.”

“Benedict Donald and the Jan. 6 traitor chorus.”

“Person, woman, man, camera, TV, insurrectionist.”


“Is he going to accuse someone of stealing his Grammy?”


“He has to be an alien.”


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