Donald Trump is out of gas

Hello, Palmer Report readers. Guess what is happening even as I write this article? There is a discussion going on. It is between pundits on a very popular network. And the discussion is about whether assolini will run in 2024.

The media, of late, has been despicable. Again – not all of them. Not Lawrence O’Donnell. Not Brian Williams. But most have been voracious in their seemingly endless appetites of declaring the Mental Midget the victor in 2024.

To that, I say no way. And I have decided to combat the negativity of these pundits by posting a list — of all the reasons why America’s monster will not run in 2024. Ready — set — go!

Reason one: he can’t string two sentences together. It’s worse than before. His voice — it’s expressionless and monotone.

Reason two: the GOP will not want him, and this is a fact. It is also starting to show in various polls, although the craven one wishes that were not true.

Reason three: he will be in prison. Of course, technically, one can still run from prison. But the orange tumor will not.

Reason four: were he to run, he’d have no social media as a platform. Twitter has been very clear that his ban is forever.

Reason number five: ego. This traitor will NEVER let even the possibility of losing happen. Some would say he is carefully setting the stage so he cannot lose. I’m afraid I have to disagree. There is always a loser.

Reason six: he’d have to work for it. Assolini has become lazy. Even at his rallies, he is no longer giving it his all. This will not change.

Reason seven: his health. The insurrectionist has had numerous health issues, which will only get worse as time goes by.

Reason number eight: he can’t win. MAGA is thinning out. They may be loud, but they do not have strong numbers. I am not in denial — the media is — or at least the ones who chose to have fake “discussions” about an event filled with artifice which will never happen.


I am sure there are other reasons I have not even listed. But the fact is — assolini is over, and I wish the media would stop hyping a story that is as fake as Susan Collin’s concern. The era of Trump is over.

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