Donald Trump is just this far gone

I feel so sorry for good Iowans everywhere right now. I feel this way because, over the weekend, the angry orange lunatic had a rally there. And once again, assolini went batshit crazy, screaming and pouting about — himself — naturally.

I must mention how annoyed I am with C-Span for covering Trumpelthinskin’s rally. Luckily, most other networks did not –, even Fox death-news somehow held themselves back from airing it.

I will honor a request from a Palmer Report reader who said IQ45 gives him too much credit and IQ4.5 would be better. I agree! IQ4.5 let loose with his verbal trash-talk, declaring MAGA would “take back America.”

I hate to be the one to tell Shart Cannon this, but America is not for sale. It is doing just fine. But of course, this did not stop the group of unvaccinated MAGA from calling for Civil war.

And I am seeing this all over the place, it seems, particularly in the last few weeks. Some people seem to be sure that a Civil war is coming. I’m not one of those people. I am sure Cadet Bonespurs would LIKE a Civil War to occur (as long as he didn’t actually have to be one of the people fighting.)

And perhaps many of his indoctrinated fans surely would as well. But this will not happen. Oh — Don the Con also endorsed Chuck Grassley, who is running for his — his what? — 800th term in the Senate?


Rest assured, there are a lot more of us than there are of them. This rally was nothing new. It was just a tired “same old, same old” in a land of them. Shame on C-Span for actually AIRING this shitshow, and I do look forward to the day assolini is in prison, and we never have to hear about another Trump rally again.

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