Donald Trump is going to hate what Roger Stone just said about him

Isn’t it nice to have a wonderful President who cares? I say we hit the jackpot with President Biden. He is a good and kind man who is also strong and courageous. He has already done so much. The Democrats are winning, and it is a fine thing to see. He could not be more different than the human garbage that is the former guy.

And speaking of the former guy, he does not appear to be too happy these days. And with what his pal Roger Stone just said, I am sure he will be even more unhappy.

Stone(evil-insurrectionist party) did an interview with the ghastly InfoWars. And something he said really stood out.

The sick puppy that is Roger Stone predicted Trump will be indicted and will happen very shortly.

Of course, Stone is not the most reliable of sources, to put it mildly. To say it another way, the man is unhinged.

Still, it is interesting that Stone is predicting this. He seems to think it will happen relatively soon, and I am sure his words did not go over well with the former guy.

Adding to Trump’s woes are his mounting legal bills. According to reports, the insurrectionist is quite upset at mounting costs and is letting that fact be known.

Reportedly, the former guy has described his legal woes as “such pain in the ass.”

My heart bleeds for the insurrectionist. (sarcasm.)

So, on this Holiday weekend, it does the soul good to know that the vortex of terror known as the former guy is pouting and fuming as his legal bills mount, his friends abandon him and even creeps like Roger Stone predict an indictment coming very shortly. It seems like he is getting exactly what he deserves.

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