Donald Trump is finally facing the music

According to the Guardian, Donald Trump is not as tough as he would have people believe. As the House Select Committee continues its investigation, he is getting a little nervous. He should. He caused the whole thing with his lies and instigation of the rioters. Trump has escaped punishment so many times that he can rightfully be called “Teflon Don.” It is past time for something to stick to him. The Guardian spoke with some who are close to Trump, of course, on condition of anonymity. Hopefully, this information is to be legitimately trusted, as many would love to see Trump squirm for a change.

Trump has been complaining about the House Select Committee’s investigation, not that Trump complaining about an investigation is new. He complained incessantly about Mueller’s investigation, but things are a bit different this time. He is no longer in office and has no control whatsoever over what is happening in Washington. He is obviously unhappy with Mark Meadows and what he shared with the committee because that information has brought them one step closer to pointing the finger at him. According to those who spoke with the Guardian, Trump “started sweating about the negative coverage” and complained that Kevin McCarthy was “too incompetent to put Republicans on the committee to defend him.” In that respect, he is correct. McCarthy chose the most controversial Republicans he could find—Jim Jordan and Jim Banks to name two—to the committee.

It is reported that Trump is also bothered by people who plead the Fifth because it makes them look guilty of criminal behavior. What happened that day was criminal, but only Donald Trump can see it otherwise. You cannot stoke fires that cause damage, much like crying “fire” in a crowded theater, but that is exactly what Trump and other speakers at his “stop the steal” rally did. They got those people fired up enough to break the law. He is just as guilty as every person who breached the Capitol on January 6. What Trump does not get is that he tried his best to break the law at every turn that day. Joe Biden won the election, and that should have been the end of things, but Trump does not take losing easily.


His legal challenges were defeated in court after court, yet Trump could not take “no” for an answer. He implored his closest allies to participate, and as a result, he has exposed himself to criminal responsibility. Ryan Goodman, a former special counsel at the Department of Defense in New York, told the Guardian: “I think that the justice department will keep a keen eye on what evidence the committee has accumulated, as well as looking out for witnesses for a potential case.” Indeed, as the Guardian reported, the committee has reached almost 300 interviews with Trump officials. Do not expect all of them to put Trump ahead of their own interests. Information continues to be revealed, and things are getting very interesting. Hopefully, we will yet see Trump made responsible for his actions.

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