Donald Trump is falling apart right in front of our eyes


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Donald Trump, a traitor, insurrectionist, and general evil being, might have just become an official member of QAnon. In an article from a few days ago, I mentioned how Trump is giving Q some winks and nods on his Truth Social platform. But the other night, at one of his pathetically small rallies, he went all-in.

The music that played was — how to describe it — dark, mournful, lonely, and morose, much like Trump himself. Only that’s not the half of it. According to Media Watchdog group Media Matters, this song is a Q anthem. Its original title is: Wwg1w-ga” – . That is the QAnon slogan.

And the tiny group of spectators in front of Trump noticed, which might be why the finger salutes started. On this dark night in Youngstown, Ohio, rally goers raised their fingers to the sky in a sort of odd salute that is also seen as a nod to the crazed cult. “QAnon salute” is what they call it on social media.

And all of this, coupled with Trump wearing the Q pin on social media, has folks buzzing that perhaps Trump has decided actually to join Q as its latest recruit.

My feeling? I don’t care. I am writing about it because it’s news and it is alarming because these people can be dangerous. But in terms of Trump himself — he’s easier to read than the alphabet. Trump is lonely. Nobody likes him. He is on his way to prison. So why not take up with a band of misfits? That is all this is.

It is sick. It is macabre. But that’s Trump for you. He’s using this group as he uses everything and everyone in his sad and lonely life. He needs worshipers, and there are so few left he doesn’t care who they are anymore. This is actually in a way, good news for us.

It shows us Trump has reached the bottom. Besides joining Putin’s army, nothing is left at the bottom of the barrel. He has now joined the dregs of society, desperate for any positive reinforcement from any living being. How sad, how pathetic, how Trumpian.


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