Donald Trump is cancelled

The national tragedy known as the Donald Trump administration is officially over. While he may not have been removed from the White House just yet, the writing is on the wall. Trump’s desperation is evident in a multitude of recent actions. Trump’s latest Twitter meltdowns only document how nervous and unhinged he truly feels. As Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump-Russia treason comes closer to finality, we can expect Trump’s actions to only get worse.

It has become difficult to properly document each and every reason that Trump is freaking out. With the looming Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives, Trump appears to be doing his best to cause as much damage and destruction as humanly possible. On Thursday, James Mattis, the Secretary of Defense, resigned due to core disagreements with Trump’s capitulation to Russian President Vladimir Putin. For whatever reasons – likely complicity in his scandals – most congressional Republicans have stood by Trump’s side up until this point. But that may be changing.

One of Trump’s most recent vocal cheerleaders, Senator Lindsey Graham, sent eight tweets in just a few minutes calling out Trump’s decision to remove American troops from Syria, stating “The idea of outsourcing our national security and the fight against ISIS to Russia, Iran, and Assad/Syria is doomed to fail.”

The fact that Graham felt compelled to call out Trump speaks volumes. Graham’s reversion to his old negative views on Trump cannot be viewed as a positive development by Trump’s supporters. While nobody knows for certain when Mueller’s investigation will come to a proper conclusion, it is highly likely to result in Trump’s time of destroying America coming to an end.