Donald Trump is already babbling like an idiot about Russia at the NATO meetings

Donald Trump is in Belgium right now, illegitimately representing the United States at a NATO breakfast. We watched the live stream so you don’t have to, and suffice it to say that you’re better off if you didn’t have to sit through it. Not only did Trump embarrass himself on a number of levels, he also may have tipped off his strategy for how he plans to bullshit his way through the rest of these NATO meetings.

“We have to be talking about the billions and billions of dollars that’s being paid to the country that we’re supposed to be protecting you against. Everybody’s talking about it, all over the world. They’ll say, ‘well wait a minute, we’re supposed to be protecting you from Russia.’ But why you pay billions of dollars to Russia for energy? Why are countries in NATO, mainly Germany, having a large percentage of their energy needs paid to Russia, and taken care of by Russia? Now if you look at it, Germany is a captive of Russia.”

As Trump delivered this rambling nonsense, the various NATO leaders sitting at the breakfast table looked around in quiet exasperation. Trump’s own Chief of Staff John Kelly was also at the table, and he looked vaguely like he was being held hostage. The representative from Germany tried to address Trump’s claims, but of course it’s difficult to respond to gibberish. At one point Trump said to the German rep, “Explain this, and you can’t explain it.”

So at this point, if we’re translating the gibberish correctly, Donald Trump is trying to deflect from his obvious status as a Russian puppet by falsely accusing other NATO nations of being Russian puppets. This evokes memories of when Hillary Clinton laid out the evidence during a presidential debate as to why Trump was a Russian puppet, and Trump responded by idiotically yelling “No you’re the puppet.”

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report