Donald Trump hooligan arrested at Alabama game

After having gotten emphatically booed at sporting events in Washington DC and New York City this month, Donald Trump headed into the deep red state of Alabama in the hope of finding a sports crowd that doesn’t despise him. He ended up getting a largely positive but still mixed reaction at the Alabama college football game, which was not what he was hoping for.

Instead, the biggest headline coming out of the Alabama game is that one of Donald Trump’s supporters was arrested for villainy. Anti-Trump protesters brought the famous “Baby Trump” balloon with them, and according to NBC News, one of Trump’s hooligans took a knife and stabbed the balloon, leading to his arrest.

Donald Trump’s political message has consistently included violent themes. Accordingly, his supporters have frequently resorted to violence in the name of furthering his deranged agenda. One Trump fan mailed pipe bombs to several of Trump’s political adversaries and has since been sentenced to prison. One of Trump’s supporters murdered Heather Heyer in Charlottesville.

It’s a relief that this time around, the pro-Trump violence merely consisted of someone stabbing a balloon, and that no one was harmed. It’s also fitting that yet another Trump supporter is now behind bars, as it’s where Donald Trump himself is heading the minute he’s no longer in office.

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