Donald Trump has illiterate conniption about President Obama

Earlier this week, Donald Trump claimed that unnamed past U.S. Presidents are privately telling him that they wish they’d have built a border wall. None of the living past U.S. Presidents have done any such thing, of course, and certainly not President Barack Obama. Perhaps that explains why Trump is now referring to some guy named “Barrack” Obama instead.

Donald Trump tweeted an out of context quote about border security today, and then credited it to “Barrack Obama, 2005.” Wait, is this the same Barrack Obama who supposedly told him to build the wall? Does Barack Obama have a twin brother named Barrack whom we don’t know about? Is Barrack the one who wiretapped Trump Tower? But we digress.

The thing is, Donald Trump knows deep down that President Obama is more popular, respected, and successful than he’ll ever be. This drives Trump crazy, and since he can’t convince America that he’s better than Obama, he’s resorting to pretending that Obama wants him to be doing the anti-Obama things that he’s doing.

It’s a weird mindscrew that no one outside his spaghetti-for-brains base is ever going to respond positively to. But Donald Trump has clearly given up any hope of ever being accepted by mainstream, decent, smart, respectable Americans, and he’s settling for corralling his base in the hope it’ll be enough to keep him out of prison once he’s ousted. But as with so many other of Trump’s delusions, nothing works that way.