Donald Trump goes totally off the paranoid deep end

If you think everyone is out to get you, and that no one can be trusted – and you’re right, but for the wrong reasons – does that mean you’re still paranoid? That’s the existential, yet startlingly tangible, question we’re now facing when it comes to the fake President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Trump announced today, in the Oval Office, in front of reporters, that “Nobody can be trusted.” Then, to leave no doubt, he said “Nobody can be trusted” again, according to the Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey. Trump is correct, in a way: he can’t trust anyone right now, and for good reason.

We don’t know who Donald Trump was specifically targeting when he said that he can’t trust anyone. Maybe he meant American Jews, after he had just finished publicly accusing them of being “disloyal.” Maybe he meant his former adviser Anthony Scaramucci, whom he’s been obsessively attacking all week. Perhaps Trump is simply talking about everyone.

Really, Donald Trump shouldn’t trust anyone right now. He’s destroying the economy, destroying the country, destroying the Republican Party, destroying everything. Aside from the criminals, racists, and despots who are benefiting from the destruction he’s causing, everyone else wants to move on from the Trump disaster. Forces are aligned to try to make sure he’s ousted in 2020. Why would he trust anyone?

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