Donald Trump goes for Mitch McConnell’s legs

I am not one for boxing. It just doesn’t interest me. However, right now, in the wacky world of politics, we do have our own unique boxing show going in. Who will win this fierce and heated match? Will either of the two boxers come out victorious? This remains to be seen.

Our first boxer is old — extremely old. Known for his tenacious ability to do nothing for the American people, boxer one’s favorite activity is nominating incompetent judges and stealing Supreme Court nominations. This geezer’s name is Mitch McConnell.

boxer number two is orange. It resides in the state of Florida and has more litigation issues than one could possibly believe. It is sociopathic, malevolent, and it has few friends. Its name is Donald Trump.

And these two boxers appear ready, willing, and oh-so-able to destroy each other. Allow me to elaborate.

Boxer Trump is calling for Boxer McConnell’s resignation. Apparently, Trump has accused McConnell of being incompetent. He IS incompetent, but the general public already knew that. We did not need to hear it from boxer Trump.

“That guy should resign as leader,” Boxer Trump roared. “This guy doesn’t have a clue.”

Trump is pissed that boxer McConnell dared to assist in raising the debt ceiling — and also that he supported President Biden’s build-back better bill.

This does appear to make sense if one considers boxer Trump’s past. He has a long history of going out of his way NOT to help anyone. So this latest statement is in keeping with his miserable persona.


This feud between the two boxers has been simmering for a long time but now appears to have burst out into the ring. What will McConnell’s response be? Will he resign? (Answer to that one — no.) Will there be a rematch between these two miserable souls? Stay tuned as the gloves are off, and the two fighters do not appear to be leaving the ring anytime soon.

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